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12 – Matthias Franz, Henrik Stelter, Manuel Schiller »LPM_001«


The installation is based on 3D scans of various locations in Regensburg. Modified field recordings of the corresponding locations accompany the visual data and merge into an audiovisual composition – presented in a darkened exhibition space. Several beamers project synchronised light point matrices in fog. These “point clouds” visualise the 3D-scanned locations in different colours and brightnesses. Viewers can look through windows into the room and use a controller to move the projected structures and thus interact with them. Audio compositions can be heard through loudspeakers, which react to the visual and haptic events. This immersion becomes an endless loop of light and sound. Reality and fiction are thus united in space.

The three artists from Nuremberg dedicate themselves to various audio-visual art forms, characterised by diverse influences. Their joint project “LPM_001” for the RE.LIGHT festival unites their individual visions. The multi-layered installation allows viewers to immerse themselves in a world full of artistic diversity. With “LPM_001”, they have created an impressive work of art that is not only an audio-visual experience, but also invites interaction.

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