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04 – Alessandro Lupi »Fragments of Reality«


The sustainable and site-specific kinetic installation uses small mirrors and the wind to reflect the surroundings. The artwork uses natural light during the day and artificial light from public lamps at night as its light source. The installation is constantly changing depending on the angle of view, the wind and the time of day. Sometimes it is invisible and sometimes it is full of twitching flashes. The mirrors interact with the site through the wind, reflecting the existing lights. Viewed from different angles, dynamic, overlapping forms are created.

Alessandro Lupi’s research has evolved over the years through his experimentation with matter, light and shadow. Each of his works is an invention and explores in different ways how we perceive reality. The artist always tries to start from space as a basis and get into a dialogue with it. Lupi’s objects, sculptures and large installations work with a poetic approach that starts from archetypal elements but attempts to explore unknown territories. The public is invited to participate and engage with them.