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08 – Hartung | Trenz »LINES«

Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte

Lines are omnipresent in our lives. They can separate or connect, define or dissolve, open or close. They are fundamental, directional and a means of our formal expressiveness, expressing time and dramaturgy. The line is always a simultaneously separating, connecting and pulsating boundary between spaces and times. The examination of the line seems predestined for a work on the façade of the Museum of Bavarian History with its rhythmic, vertical texture. A place that brings together past, present and future.

Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz live in Cologne and Munich. They have been realizing light art projects with light, space and language since 1998. Their works have been shown in Australia, North Amerika, Africa, Israel and at numerous light art festivals in Europe.
Using often multi-layered projections from several light sources, they create site-specific works on architecture and landscape with typographically designed and moving texts. A visual, poetic reflection on the respective location and its context opens up new possibilities for interpretation and creates mental freedom.

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