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05 – Jeongmoon Choi »Drawing in Space – Ultraviolet«


“Drawing in Space – Ultraviolet” constantly encourages perception to supplement the concretely visible in an imaginary way. A unique spatial and depth effect is created through the interplay of surfaces and lines on the one hand and the contrasting relationship between different perspectives on the other. The architectural characteristics become the starting point for complex, walk-through installations made of threads stretched across the space and fluorescing in black light. Threedimensional, accessible drawings, Jeongmoon Choi creates fragile spatial constructions which, in connection with the existing architecture and in the constant change of perspective of moving through them, constantly generate new visual worlds, new realities.

Jeongmoon Choi illuminates the darkness with her installations, which give the impression of being virtual. They encourage reflection on analogue and digital “positions”, structures, movements and perspectives in space. Born in Seoul and living in Berlin, the artist originally studied painting. She studied at Sungshin University in Seoul and at the University of Fine Arts Kassel. She lives and works in Berlin and Seoul, and her work has been exhibited in various private and public galleries and institutions around the world.