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03 – Collectif Scale »Flux«


The work was created in 2021 as part of the Constellations Festival in Metz, France. Its mutant and modular form has made it an undisputed success since its creation. “Flux” has been traveling the world and appearing on music stages and at artistic events. Its kinetic architecture composed of lines of dynamic light is motorized and controlled in real time. The formal multiplication of lines coupled with subtle variations of temporal phases, speeds and amplitudes sculpts an organic object, which oscillates between poetic waves and frenetic undulations.

Creation and production: Collectif Scale
Music: Grégory Semah

Scale is a Parisian-based group of creatives from very different professional and artistic backgrounds. Since its beginnings, the Collectif Scale has questioned the links between music and visuals, light and architectural design, entertainment and contemporary art, nature and the future, man and machine. Through exploration, they try to provide answers, which are integrated into their multimedia installations. Over the years, Scale has developed its own language to create sensory, interactive, playful works with a strong focus on innovation, which are accessible to as wide an audience as possible.