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11 – Vanessa Hafenbrädl »YOUR SCAPES – REGINA«


»YOUR SCAPES – REGINA« is an interdisciplinary work consisting of video projection and a hand-blown mirror glass cylinder. The installation philosophizes about water, waterways and climate change. Regensburg’s rivers were once an indispensable prerequisite for the city’s economic growth in the so-called “Middle Ages”. Due to climate change, flooding is also becoming a threat in our latitudes. We listen to poetic texts by Dr. Craig Santos Perez, activist and writer from Guam / Pacific and texts about the melting of glaciers by Icelandic author Steinunn Sigurdardóttir. The audio diary of a sea rescuer and crew member of the MS Iuventa takes us to the Mediterranean.
Despite the gravity of these topics, the work leaves room for lingering on the banks of the rivers, in the life-giving cycle.

Vanessa Hafenbrädl questions female archetypes and common role models: Aesthetics transport controversies. Her work pushes the viewer into the subconscious, where complexity reigns. She came across her family history in the Bavarian Forest. The Hafenbrädl family was once a dynasty of glassblowers. Hafenbrädl is using mouth blown glass in combination with videomapping. She lives in Dießen/Ammersee, where she campaigns for anti-racism and non-commercial spaces. 2023 she was awarded the Tassilo Prize of the Süddeutsche Zeitung for her poetic picture narratives. Her works are performed worldwide, from New Zealand to Iceland.

Sound by Roel Funken, sound collage by Anna McCarthy, Cristal Baschet by Marc Chouarain

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