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01 – RADAR 360º »The ball of the lamps«


We all have a magical universe that we carry from our childhood. Inspired by the rituals and traditions that date back to the late ’60s’, the company was seeking inspiration for this creation in the famous “Ball of the five lamps”, original from the North of Portugal. Humanized lamps, autonomous, scattered at strategic points, gain characteristics of the spaces they inhabit. Lights go off, breathe, dance, interact and react. This show is a site-specific performance written for the festival. It gathers local artists with professional artists from the Company RADAR 360º, and celebrates the freedom of movements and lights, as a visual live scenario.

Artistic Direction: António Franco de Oliveira
Performers: António Franco de Oliveira, Carlos Deusodeu, Gilberto Oliveira, Julieta Rodrigues, Tanya Ruivo
Costumes: Julieta Rodrigues
Original Sound Tracks: Fernando Rodrigues with special guest Paulo Neto
Props / Lamps: Pedro Estevam
Scenography / Gramophone: Emanuel Santos
Special Thanks: Rui Ferreira

The Company RADAR 360º is a professional structure founded in 2005 in the north of Portugal. A multidisciplinary company, that focuses on the artistic research in Outdoor Arts, Physical Theatre and Contemporary Circus. The artists present their shows and workshops worldwide, in Brazil, Germany, France, Portugal, Macau or Spain. The performance “The ball of the lamps” won “Best Street Performance” at the Spanish festival “Feria De Teatro De Castilla y León” in 2012. Since its foundation, António Franco de Oliveira and Julieta Rodrigues have been in lead as artistic directors of the company.

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