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02 – ANTRILOPE – Clemens Rudolph »KALIber«


The facade awakens. Eyes gaze, arms protrude from the wall. Who is looking through these eyes? Who is pointing at us? Who or what have we awakened? The projection developed for RE.LIGHT is a game with gestures, perception and artificial aesthetics – in the context of a world whose content is increasingly computer-generated. What happens when a new (AI) reality with blurred authorship meets archaic human patterns of interpretation and reaction? KALIber is an invitation to viewers to give space to their own experience in their encounter with the visual worlds.

Projections on facades and objects (mappings) and interactive video installations are the artistic means of expression of the media and computer graphics artist Clemens Rudolph, who lives in Etterzhausen near Regensburg. His works are multi-layered and poetic, with surrealistic elements and often a touch of humour. They can be seen nationally and internationally at festivals and events, like in Italy or rhe Netherlands. The people of Regensburg know him from his work at the Stadtlagerhaus for the open-air operas “Tosca” and “Rheingold” produced by Theater Regensburg.