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06 – Båll & Brand, Tokyo Blue »Mother«

Steinerne Brücke

“Mother” unveils the complex communication networks in nature, showcasing sculptures that mimic the interactions among trees, fungi, and organisms. These representations symbolize a larger ‘mothership’ entity, highlighting nature’s interconnectedness. The sculptures’ light flow is animated by data on enzyme movement in fungi, plant communications, and biological links like the umbilical cord and blood circulation. This fusion of art and science through innovative technology and organic design deepens our understanding and appreciation of natural connectivity.

The Båll & Brand collective is focused on both intentional and site-specific light and sound art. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are often an element in their work, presented in outdoor landscapes or on historical buildings incorporating site-specific architecture and surroundings into their work.
Danish artist group Tokyo Blue, with three members from diverse backgrounds, explores colour, light, surface, materials, and space. Their installations intricately weave light and colour, transforming spaces into immersive realms that invite audiences on a sensory journey.

Members of Båll & Brand: Martin Ersted (DK), David Ruben Karpantschof (DK), Jonas Jurkūnas (LT)
Members of Tokyo Blue : Silla Findstrøm Herbst (DK), Katrin Barrie Larsen (DK), Helle Frøjk Knudsen (DK)

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