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14 – Julia Shamsheieva »Forever and ever«


The concept of the project “Forever and ever” refers to the eternal nature of existence, where everything is interconnected and continuously evolving. The four elements – fire, water, air, and earth – have been intertwined in the intricate web of existence for billions of years. Disrupting this delicate loop risks disrupting life’s foundation. It is crucial to acknowledge our interconnectedness with these elements and strive to restore harmony before it is too late. It is crucial that we shift our focus towards preserving and protecting nature instead of destroying each other and the entire world.

Julia Shamsheieva is a Ukrainian artist that creates vibrant 3D motion graphic. She is aBachelor of Arts graduate and member of Ukraine’s Union of Designers. Her practice comprises of explorations with numerous mediums, including video mapping, digital art, light and interactive installations, and AR/VR. Jul’s work has been exhibited in festivals and events all around the world. Grand Prize winner at the Circle of Light, 1 Minute Projection Mapping, and Imapp festivals. Working for Sila Sveta gave her valuable experience in stage design and large-scale events.
Allowing light to convey a tale, broadening the boundaries, and giving a new context is the artist’s principal aspiration.

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