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13 – Sophie Guyot »The Stardust Memory Project«


What if, like the stars, humans continue to emit light long after they’re dead? This is the idea explored by The Stardust Memory Project. In January 2024, some residents of Regensburg have been invited to share their family albums, containing traces of people now gone forever. Transformed graphically by artist Sophie Guyot, five pictures are projected during the Festival. In parallel, poetical texts about the photos written by local writer Agnes Gerstenberg, can be heard in the surrounding of the projection. The project has and will happen in different cities in the world:

Upon completing her studies in Literature at the University of Lausanne, Swiss artist Sophie Guyot took up visual art in self-taught fashion. Light(ing) has soon proved to be her favorite material. Her light installations often address environmental themes, treated as metaphors for the general state of humanity: whether large-scale or more modestly sized projects, her work bespeaks a flawless relationship between humans and their biotope. She also creates perennial installations in collaboration with architects, as well as experimental videos that she projects onto large screens.